Dr. Stuart Molloy, an experienced Dental Surgeon, specialises in Metal Free Implantology (Zirconium), Esthetic Dentistry, Invisible Orthodontics and creating a Beautiful Smile.


A graduate of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, Paris in 1989, he spent 17 years as an Assistant Professor, at the Faculty of Dental Surgery, Paris; and at the same time worked in his private practice. He also takes part in continuing education at the Interdisciplinary Dental Academy of San Francisco, USA, the Academy of Clinical Excellence in Bangalore, India, and the University of Bucharest, Romania.
In 2003, Dr. Molloy opened his current Private Clinic in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, dedicated to cutting edge technology to treat a French and International clientele. He provides professional and friendly care thanks to his versatile and helpful team.


State of the art treatments incorporating Endodontics, Periodontics and Implantology


The metal framework is replaced by one in Zirconium, a very resistant ceramic, which is then covered by several more layers of ceramic to produce an excellent esthetic result. Furthermore, Zirconium is biocompatible. The gums are not affected by the contact with the Zirconium, and there is no risk the release of metal ions into the organism.


Dental implants, which serve as roots for the artificial teeth are placed within the jawbones. To ensure the stability and dependability of the prosthesis, the implants must be placed in a sufficient volume and density of bone. When the volume of the bone is not sufficient, it can be surgically increased with a bone graft. In some cases, the implant can be inserted immediately after the bone graft.


Having a beautiful smile is essential to one's overall well-being. In many cases, it takes very little to attain beautiful teeth. The esthetic treatments proposed by Dr. Molloy include adjusting the size, the shape and the alignment of the teeth, filling undesirable spaces between teeth, correcting the occlusion, whitening, filling cavities, repairing broken, cracked or chipped teeth, and replacing missing teeth.


Dr. Molloy, specialist in periodontal surgery, provides treatments for gum disease and loose teeth. These treatments can be non-surgical (hygiene, rigorous oral dental care, cleaning and scaling, scaling and root planing), or surgical (periodontal scaling, bone filling, and tissue regeneration), medical or symptomatic.


We propose 2 types of invisible adult orthodontics: transparent mouthguards or aligners, and lingual orthodontics. These 2 methods are the only true invisible orthodontic treatments, as the attachments are fastened to the inner surface of the teeth. There is no upper age limit. As we age, the gum muscles weaken, and the teeth move which can cause the teeth ot overlap.


His skill and experience, in surgery as well as in the utilisation of anaesthetics, allows Dr. Molloy to guarantee painless dental treatment, while ensuring impeccable results. All treatments may be accompanied by a conscious sedation through inhalation, or, upon request, a deeply relaxing guided meditation, carried out by a practiced specialist trained in pain management.

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